Trinity Kids is excited to announce that we will be continuing with our online programs in Term 4 and beyond (minimum numbers required). We will also be resuming face-to-face sessions in SOMERVILLE (government guidelines pending).

Our Kindness & Empathy program is such a wonderful way to finish off such an impactful year, and is so needed at this time in history.

Numbers are limited in each group so don’t delay. Book now to secure your child’s place.

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Bullying, Boundaries & Belonging Program

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Join us in term 2 for our fantastic Bullying, Boundaries & Belonging program. Not just another bullying prevention program, we work this term to provide kids aged 4 – 12 years with fantastic self-empowerment skills so that they know they’re in control.

We explore what is and what isn’t bullying, different archetypes that come into play when dealing with bullying behaviour and effective strategies to manage encounters.

Combine this with deepening our sense of connection, within family, school, community and to humankind in general, and learning the essential life-skill of setting effective boundaries and body autonomy, this is a program not to be missed.

Not just for kids who are struggling right now, this program is all about prevention and is for EVERY child.

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Trinity Tots Self-Awareness Program

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Join us in term to with your toddler to explore the concept of self-awareness. This foundational program provides essential skills for little ones to develop a sense of body autonomy, emotional awareness and regulation, setting boundaries, and much more.

Combined with fun, age-appropriate and engaging activities that assist with fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills, language and cognitive development, emotional intelligence and self-care strategies, this program is for EVERY toddler.

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