Trinity Kids is excited to announce that we will be continuing with our online programs in Term 4 and beyond (minimum numbers required). We will also be resuming face-to-face sessions in SOMERVILLE (government guidelines pending).

Our Kindness & Empathy program is such a wonderful way to finish off such an impactful year, and is so needed at this time in history.

Numbers are limited in each group so don’t delay. Book now to secure your child’s place.

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  • Kids 4 – 12 Years
    Join us in Term 4 for our FANTASTIC Kindness & Empathy programs uniquely designed for Tinies (4–6 yrs), In-Betweens (7-9 yrs) and Tweens (10–12 yrs) to teach kids the far reaching impact that being kind can have in their homes, their community and the wider world. We also focus on the importance of being kind to ourselves, plus developing an understanding of empathy. These programs are a MUST for every child.
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  • Trinity Teens Empowerment Program – 12-18 Years
    Join us this term as we work to empower your teen with the tools and skills they need to feel more empowered in their everyday lives. With a focus on Gratitude, Body Appreciation, Empathy, Anxiety Management, Behaviour and how it affects others, Boundaries & Consent, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Relationships and much more, your teen will find a safe space in which to learn, connect and make new friends.
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Welcome to the home of Trinity Kids Australia, where we try to encourage our children, no matter what age, to establish a better connection to

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Trinity Kids Australia has one mission….to Emotionally Empower Kids Every Day.

Our Trinity Kids programs are specifically designed to build emotional intelligence of children and young adults. Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and self-harming are becoming more prevalent in our young people, and bullying rates are escalating.

Here at Trinity Kids, it is our mission to teach kids how to identify, sit with and manoeuvre their emotions, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. We believe that hurt people hurt, so if we empower our kids with the ability to effectively process how they’re feeling, they won’t project or internalise it.

However, this needs to start early. We enrol our kids in swimming lessons from infancy, but statistically they are much more likely to drown in their emotions, than any body of water. We believe that by starting early, with children as young as 2 years old, by the time they are teens and young adults, emotional intelligence will just be inherent.

Each program offered is carefully designed to help kids develop an array of emotional tools, that they can draw upon as they learn to navigate the natural challenges of life.

From toddlers to the later teen years, parents and educators, there is something for every child’s stage in life. So please take some time to explore what Trinity Kids may have to offer you and your family.

Come and see what our Kid’s Programs have to offer.

Each program offered is carefully designed to help kids develop an array of emotional tools, that they can draw upon as they learn to navigate the natural challenges of life.


  • My 2 kids 6+8 (and 3 when she just can’t help but join in) are loving going to mindfulness every week. Deanne is just so lovely and great with the kids. They are really getting a lot out of going and learning how to be more mindful, grateful and kind. Everyone could do benefit from these things in their lives. 
    Oh and the TeePee just makes the experience that much better! Thank you Deanne for bringing more kindness and love to the world XO

    Brooke Wallace
  • Miss 6 just did the school holiday mindfulness classes and l highly recommend this for every child it’s amazing what they take with them and use daily love love love Trinity Healing

    Naomi MacTaggart
  • My son just finished the Toddler mindful program. It was an amazing experience we will both treasure. Deanne was so gentle with guiding the children through breathing techniques and clever in incorporating yoga and colour therapy into her program. Highly recommended!

    Kirsty Poole Trease
  • Deanne doesn’t “teach” rather she provides the tools and safe environment for the children to explore their emotions and behaviours. This self observation and exploration providing effective, long-term “life skills” for my child, as he navigates life. The changes in my child’s attitude and behaviour is almost miraculous and definitely assists me to parent more effectively.

    Aretha Vinson
  • After completing a term of this program, I’ve become happier, calmer and more accepting of everything I do. I had something to look forward to each week and I’ve met so many nice people I get along with.

    Caitlyn 14
  • I loved being able to bring my son to Mindfulness & Meditation. He has learned some valuable tools for life. I am really pleased that he has been using the breathing techniques when big feelings come up, and he has calmed down.

    Lizzy Wanders
  • Another term of a brilliant program offered by Deanne. Deanne’s insight into the needs of individual children is awesome and my children look forward to their weekly session.

    Melanie Budd
  • My self esteem has improved greatly. I am not only mindful of myself but everyone around me.

    Lauryn 14
  • This program provided a lovely space for me to look forward to on a Monday afternoon. It never failed to leave me positive and energised. A lot of great memories and friends were made in the tent.

    Brie 18
  • My 3 year old has loved every week. The sessions have taught her how to breathe, to calm down and to really begin focusing on what makes her happy. It is a fun, relaxed time for me and my daughter.

    Michelle Wilson
  • A fantastic program in a blissful location. Ruby and I loved driving onto the property and feeling instant calm; and the tepee created the almost perfect atmosphere. Great heart connectedness and mindfulness exercises run by the lovely Deanne – Thank you.

    Tara Guddat
  • A great space for the children to relax and express themselves. Very engaging and clever techniques to get toddlers to do breathing techniques. Very well delivered. Highly recommended. We loved the tent – such a beautiful space.

    Kristy Trease
  • I highly recommend Deanne’s program. The techniques she teaches have been used successfully at home. Very relaxing atmosphere. We will be returning next term.

    Wendy Ryan
  • The course provided was fantastic. Age appropriate techniques for helping my 3 year old self regulate stressful times. The dancing & yoga activities were great to do at home to become aware of breathing and for releasing extra energy.

    Julia Faulkner
  • Deanne teaches kindness and coping methods for kids dealing with emotional issues, anxiety and personal problems. Being quiet and listening to herself, has been a positive learning experience for my daughter. Being kind is something that should be compulsory curriculum for all children.

    Kirstie Sicluna

My Story

Hi, I’m Deanne and a mum of three crazy, beautiful boys. Many years ago, I was faced with some pretty difficult challenges. My eldest son was filled with rage, and had begun to hurt himself when he felt overwhelmed; he was only 9.

I did everything I could to “fix him” but discovered that I was the key. I was using out-dated emotional tools on this parenting journey and they just weren’t cutting it. So, I learnt a new way.

I forged new tools and then handed them to him as they developed. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was incredibly hard, confronting and a real challenge. But the changes (in both he and I) were almost instantaneous. I discovered strategies for how to stay connected, present and more mindful as a parent, no matter what situation we were facing. And he learned that his feelings were valid, respected and he could feel them without causing damage to anyone or anything.

Daily meditation became a habit, and I learned to create space between my own triggers and reactions. To stay present and mindful in my own emotions, and to fill that space with something other than yelling, screaming and smacking.

It has become my mission to empower kids, no matter how big or small. To give them strategies and techniques that they can use when emotions run high. That they can know their inherent worth and importance in this life. And that they grow to be kinder, more compassionate and confident adults who know that no matter what life throws at them…..they got this!

Much love

Deanne xxx
Trinity Kids Australia

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